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1 THE CONCEPT OF INFIDELITY Harbi-dhimmi Editor 568
2 ARNO welcomes OIC Secretary General’s call for international intervention Editor 922
3 714 National Day of Stop Lynas Action Editor 726
4 Apartheid against Rohingyas in Arakan Editor 770
5 Anwar won defamation against Nallakaruppan over "Receiving RM60 million" claim Editor 800
6 IPO of FGVH causes FELDA earnings to crash 64% Editor 826
7 Appeal For Peaceful Co-Existance In Arakan Editor 564
8 Malaysia’s Democracy Sacrificed for Free Trade? Editor 536
9 Prosecution of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Azmin Ali and Badrul Hisham Editor 484
10 FGVH plantation business is fundamentally weak Editor 1072
11 Citizens to Counter Lynas’ Defamation Suit Editor 579
12 Ministerial Hearing to Appeal Against the Lynas Licences Editor 625
13 Protest Against Dumping Radioactive Waste Editor 817
14 Lynas’ Radioactive Waste DUMPED in Pahang while Australia Gets A$18 million Editor 1081
15 DAP regrets the burning of the Holy Quran by US troops Editor 993
16 Feeble attempt at justifying the use of EPF funds Editor 934
17 Latest 'Datuk T' sex-video threat shows desperation of UMNO-BN Editor 1065
18 Appeal against Anwar's acquittal politically motivated & legally unsound Editor 838
19 13 Rohingyas are not Taliban, it was all framed Editor 719
20 Anwar to begin legal action against Utusan over 'gay' reports Editor 766